eLearning and Instructional Design

As an instructor and instructional designer, my goal is to connect with the audience effectively, convey policy, procedure, and best practice clearly, and use humor and media wherever possible in order to set my audience and clients alike up for operational success. 

For every project I work on, I do an intake and needs assessment, learn what the desired outcome is, create a strategy and a plan, write a script, work with SMEs/legal on script approval, create lists of media assets to be created or acquired and/or storyboards, and work with stakeholders on an assessment plan to analyze the efficacy of the work. Then I get to work creating trainings and media to help learners reach their full potential and clients to reach their goals.

In addition to designing classes and trainings, I have extensive experience working as a graphic designer and video producer, creating media that supports educational and training efforts. The tools I've worked with the most in these endeavors are: Camtasia, Schoox, Teams, Zoom, PowerPoint, Outlook, Adobe CC, and Articulate. This list is always growing and changing, depending on the needs of the client and/or audience.

Nut Butter Grinding and Cleaning (Training)

The process of grinding and cleaning up to make fresh ground nut butters seems intimidating at first, but is really very easy and straightforward. I developed this training and all of its media assets and collateral. This training utilizes text, images, and videos to inform the learner and illustrate the process. An additional poster campaign was launched in tandem with this training so that staff would have easy access to the videos to refresh themselves on the processes involved whenever necessary.

Operations Weekly Bulletin (Instructional Tool)

The Weekly Bulletin is an Operations instructional tool, used to train staff on policies and procedures in 160+ nationwide stores. Information for the Bulletin is processed into training modules via Articulate and disseminated very quickly via Schoox through assignment groups. The audience of the Weekly Bulletin is department managers, assistant managers, store managers, and regional managers.

KidzEra Magazine and Media Channel (Instructional Guides)

KidzEra Magazine was a by-kids, for-kids magazine and media channel based in Boulder, CO, with an international circulation of 100,000. Kids all over the world mailed in their art and writing. 

As the graphic designer, media producer, and educator, I took the submitted material and turned it into a magazine, as well as a set of teacher's instructional guides based off of the work and/or concepts in the magazine, and then it was sent back out worldwide. After printing became too expensive, it was converted into a digital product and an interactive website where I managed website upkeep and the community. This product's audience was kids 8-14 and K-8 teachers.

Digital versions of the magazine and the teaching materials can be seen here: https://issuu.com/kidzera

Dear Crew (Conceptual Instructional Video)

Dear Crew is a conceptual take on a customer service instructional video, a letter thanking staff for following the policies laid out by the company that visualizes all of the policies, and encourages staff to keep it up. Roles: scriptwriter, producer, director, videographer, voice over, editor. 2023.

CARE Shout Outs (Motivational Tool)

CARE Shout Outs gather positive feedback from both customers and fellow employees and transmit it to staff. This is a source of inspiration and motivation for staff when they are recognized in this intracompany way. This design is a suite of templates I developed using the company branding guide.

Produce: Maintenance and Spot Checks (Instructional Video)

In collaboration with a colleague, I created a series of videos designed to support the course text and convey company policy and best practice information to learners in a visual and aural way.