Hi, I'm Maggie.

I’m a professional multimedia director, former university educator turned instructional designer, musician, and artist. I use video, audio, graphic design, instructional design, and sound design to build media infrastructures around concepts and processes and influence audience behavior, communicate company culture, educate, inform, instruct, train, and tell stories of all kinds. 

I enjoy using my broad skillset in media and education to connect with and build relationships with audiences and my leadership skills to build long-lasting relationships with clients.

Education: BFA in Conceptual Art and Sound at CU-Boulder, Colorado; TESOL Certification at Trinity Oxford College, Prague, CZ; Audio Engineering Diploma, SAE-Nashville, TN; MFA in Conceptual Video at UW-Madison, Wisconsin.

Professional experience: 14+ years of creating, directing, and producing award-winning videos and graphic design, motion graphics, sound design, and podcasts. I also have 8 years of experience in teaching, pedagogy, course design, and class and workshop design, with 2+ years experience in instructional design with LMS tools. I taught multimedia, performance, and design at the university level for six years, English as a foreign language in the Czech Republic, and developed a performance program for bilingual middle school students, which was funded by an ArtsBridge grant. Additionally, I have a background in writing and copyediting.

Outside of work: I write and play music, make art, read, go to shows, and enjoy being in nature. See my profile here for my work history. My CV can be found here, my conceptual work is linked below, and bonus fine art images can be found here.