I've been writing and editing content for 20 years. As a writer, I've written copy for magazines, published a book in 2011, published several zines, authored countless video scripts and random one-liners for various projects, instructional design works, and I've been blogging since 2004 (shoutout to my fellow Livejournalers, those were the days!). As a writer, my style is punchy, funny, and smart. If I'm writing for video, I'm focused on talking points, takeaways, and keeping the work as short as possible while still connecting with the audience and conveying meaning. You may review select samples here.

 As a freelance copyeditor, I've worked with AP, APA, CMOS, Chicago Turabian, MLA, and AMA styles, with others occasionally thrown in. I've also acted as a content editor on countless manuscripts, grant applications, papers, stories, instructional design documents, and other writings.

As an artist, I have always centered language as a critical part of my art practice. Interrogating sexist language is one of the driving forces of my eight-year collaboration as a member of SPOOKY BOOBS. As a musician, language is also center to my practice and despite not being a vocalist myself, I work with language and write or co-write a lot of lyrics.

If you are on Dreamwidth and would like to join the writing circle of caring, witchy, intelligent writing women, drop me an add comment.

Everything Originates From the Seed of Determination, 2015. 

Response to various fortune cookie fortunes. Paper, text, pedestals. Font: Frutiger. Part of the exhibition Mokita: That Which Everyone Knows and No-one Speaks Of, Art Lofts Gallery, Madison, WI.