WINGWALKER: Live Set Video #1, experimental video accompaniment to live set, 2024.

Leopold Community Nights, short-form documentary. Fitchburg, WI, 2018.

Paper Lake (Liminal Spaces), short experimental video, 2013. (Creative)

Producer, director, videographer, editor.

Freakfest: How Madison Celebrates Halloween, PSA. City of Madison, Madison, WI. 2017. (Documentary)

Co-producer, co-director, co-videographer, co-audio, co-scriptwriter, co-editor.

Madison Connecting Children to Nature, short documentary. City of Madison, Madison, WI. 2016. (Short documentary)

Co-producer, director, videographer, audio, scriptwriter, editor.

Point Piece, collaborative performance (video documentation) 

Art 318 (Performance/Installation/Video) at UW-Madison, Fall 2018

Coin Op Don't Stop, short experimental video. Madison, WI. 2014. (Creative)

Co-producer, editor, videographer, audio production.

Government Media Producer-Director Demo Reel, 2017