I am a bassist and I write, record, and perform heavy music. I have 15 years experience in grind, black metal, math rock, noise rock, industrial, and experimental noise bands. I play enough guitar to be dangerous and have a strong background in synthesis, musical programming languages, keyboards, and synths. I trained in classical and jazz on a variety of instruments from ages 8-18.

I studied audio engineering in Nashville, and have worked as a live sound engineer, recording engineer, and podcast producer.

Current listening obsessions: black metal, thrash, experimental, goth.

Current Projects

Blood of Lilith

Denver-based all-female metal band. Bassist, 2023-current.

Necrosophik Abyss

Denver-based black metal. Bassist, 2023-current.


Denver-based noise rock. Bassist, 2021-current.

Previous Projects

Meathooks of Freedom

Boulder-based dada death metal/grind. Album Dance with the Moose, released in 2003. Guitar, vocals.


Nashville-based experimental electronic. EP Murmur, released in 2010. Synths, electronics, programming, recording, mixing.

CTRLSHFT. 2006-2009. Synths, keyboards.

Mutation/CTRLSTIC. 2007-2009. Synths, keyboards, recording.

CTRLSHFT. 2006-2009. Synths, keyboards.