As a professional creative producer with 15 years of experience, I've developed a lot of processes and ways of working, thinking, and communicating that provide my clients consistent, high-quality outcomes regardless of what's happening around the production.


Why should we hire you when my cousin with the newest iPhone can shoot 4K video on it?

Making multimedia work is more than just pointing a camera at something! When we work together, we'll sit down and talk about the story you want to tell. We'll go over your goals, your audience, and the things you'd like them to take away from the work. From there, we'll figure out what kind of multimedia work will best tell that story, and proceed to coordinating and scheduling the personnel, resources, locations, and anything else we need for our work. Once everything is filmed/created/produced, post-production work will commence, including the selection of music, sound effects, development of graphics, and anything else we need, guided by the intake information we went over in the beginning.

I also have professional gear that is weather-resistant, reliable, and has a lot more storage space than an iPhone, which we'll probably need to tell your whole story beautifully and successfully.

He's really good though!

It's great that access to the tools of media production have been so democratized. However, we have to be careful not to confuse form with content, or tools with content. There are a lot of tools out there that are great entry points to working in multimedia, like iPhones and Canva, but knowing how to manipulate them doesn't necessarily make someone a filmmaker or a designer. Being a seasoned multimedia producer means knowing what tools are right for what story, how to manage client expectations, and how to ask the right questions to get the information you need to tell the story thoroughly and accurately. Knowing how to do this comes from a mix of education and lifelong learning (hello, YouTube tutorials), experience, failure, and success.

Why are there so many odd clauses in your contract? Are those things that have actually happened in the course of your career?!

Yes. Anything you see that might seem odd in my contract is drawn from an experience I had in the wide variety of work I've done as a multimedia producer. Some are drawn from moments of failures and some from great successes, and this is one of the many ways I ensure the safety of myself and the people working with me, and also the consistency I deliver in my work.

Can we hire you to edit work that has already been filmed? Or hire you to just do cinematography?

Absolutely! I love doing both editing and cinematography. Happy to sit down and discuss what kind of outcome you are looking for.

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